Making homelessness & affordable housing history with tiny homes

24Pillars is an initiative by the Tiny Town Association that grew from the desire to expand affordable housing options and develop a creative solution to housing needs. The number of people that are living “on the streets” or unable to find suitable housing is growing everywhere and governments are struggling to implement programs to address the issue.

Subsidizing housing is not a long-term solution. The cost to society of these programs only grows with time, increasing the monetary burden on the working class. Additionally, this program doesn’t provide a path for people to move away from being supported by society, so in many cases, this becomes a life-long support system.

Working through various agencies, 24Pillars plans to donate tiny homes on an ongoing basis to provide a new start for the people in housing needs, while increasing the affordable housing options available to everyone. Our program combines homeownership with community service, to help participants reestablish their independence.

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