Supportive Housing Program

The concept is simple. We will build a tiny home and video the complete building process. We will also donate the materials along with training, to build a second tiny home, to a partner school’s construction program. When completed, the school-built home will be given to a local homelessness housing agency. Our home will be given away to one of the subscribers to our Tiny Home Building Series. The cycle will begin again, as we construct a new tiny home for the series, along with a new home package that will be donated to another school. 

The program is made possible through a $5/month subscription to our Tiny Home Building Series. Each home will be a 360 sq ft, one-bedroom tiny home that includes all furniture, appliances, heat pump with air-conditioning, that is built, inspected, and certified to meet the Ontario & National Building codes.

The tiny home that we build, recording for the series, will include smart appliances, heating, lighting, utilities, etc. We will review the smart technology used in each home and look forward to exploring smart options, installations, tricks, and tips while sharing them through the series.

*You can subscribe in advance of the first build recording, becoming an Earlybird Supporter, and doubling your chances in the draw for each new home.

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