Creating the Plan

The goal is to provide housing to agencies that help the homeless.

We wanted to develop a program that would provide ongoing homes and help raise awareness in communities of this growing crisis. To do this we developed a two-part plan:

  1. We would use a crowdfunding model, with an incentive that would keep funders engaged and,
  2. We would involve local schools to develop an awareness of the growing issues with students, faculty, and parents.

To achieve these goals we created the:

Tiny Home Build Series

Part One – the Incentive

For just $5/month, Tiny Home Build Series subscribers will be able to:

  1. Watch a video of each tiny home build, that will eventually become a live stream of future builds,
  2. Watch a review of the smart technology used in the home, including installation, activation, usage, and commentary,
  3. Be entered in a draw to win the tiny home when completed*,
  4. As active subscribers, continue to be entered in ongoing home draws, with our goal to build and giveaway a home-a-month at 50,000 subscribers!

*Note subscribers who do not want to win a home, may elect to have their home donated to an agency of their choice.

Part Two – providing Housing

Through partnerships with a growing number of school construction programs, we will:

  1. Provide video training for all aspects of tiny home construction using various systems, materials, equipment, and components,
  2. Provide complete home kits including all materials, parts, and components to build tiny homes,
  3. Liaise with local housing agencies to connect them with the local school building program, that will donate tiny homes for homeless people in their programs.

We believe that our 24Pillars – Tiny Home Build Series program will begin to help address homelessness and increases awareness of this growing crisis.

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