The Process

How we’re going to build homes to give away (through the power of crowd funding)

Here’s the plan (and where we are) moving forward:

  • We are partnering with a growing number of manufacturers to supply products that will be reviewed in the Tiny Home Build Series and included in the first home builds,
  • We are working with manufacturers to develop training videos for the school programs,
  • We have partnered with our first school that will build the home in their school program,
  • We have partnered with the first housing agency that will receive the student built tiny home for their housing program,
  • We have ordered the tiny home frame foundations, which will be arriving towards the end of August 2022,
  • We have partnered with a tiny home builder to complete the first tiny home in the series,
  • We have opened subscriptions to the Tiny Home Build Series, where one lucky subscriber will receive the first tiny home build.

Some things worth noting:

  1. Early Supporters (before the first home is completed) receive 2X ballots for each home, including all future builds,
  2. Each monthly subscription creates an entry for the build,
  3. The first build will commence in the fall of 2022, with completion expected in the spring of 2023!

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