About This Program

While some have said they thought this program was a hand-out, we see it as a hand-up. Why someone is homeless is beyond the scope of this program. This program using the "housing-first" approach to helping people transition.

Working with local charitable agencies, students identify participants that are suitable candidates to transition into tiny homeownership through community services hours in the Tiny Town Association ARTO Program.

Course Aims

  • Learning about local homelessness

  • Understanding how homelessness happens

  • Identifying candidates that are ready to transition back into society

  • Teaching basic living skills through tiny home operations

  • Transition monitoring

  • Community service training

  • Mentoring

Program Components

  • assist 1-participant enter the program


  • Tiny home - Construct Program
  • Site - Develop Program
  • Clothing budget
  • Home furnishing budget
City Class:
Class 2-4
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There is no cost to students, teachers, school, or board to participate in these programs.

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