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About This Program

We want to stimulate creative thinking about tiny homes as another housing option. Tiny homes can provide affordable housing for singles, couples and single-parent families. Whether young, old or middle-aged homeowners, tiny homes can fill a need.

As a form of housing, tiny homes are relatively new and we want to encourage young people to apply their creative thinking skills to create designs that  focus on:

Course Aims

  • Creative use of space

  • Accessible home and amenities design

  • Form and design interest

  • Green technology incorporation

  • Environmental impact


  • $100 Regional Grant & accolades
    + advance to Provincial Competition

  • $500 Provincial/Territorial Grant Award & accolades
    + advance to National Competition

  • $1,000 National Grant & accolades

Program Support

  • 4 - computers*
  • software
  • online training
  • 1 - plotter*

  • +1 - computer/year*
City Class:
All Cities
All Students

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Develop Program

The Develop Program has students planning, arranging permits and preparing the site for a tiny homeowner.

Construct Program

Our Build Program takes the winning designs selected the previous year and uses them to build the tiny homes in the program this year.

ARTO Program

Working with local social housing agencies, students learn how the homes they are designing, building and the sites they construct can help people find an affordable home.

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There is no cost to students, teachers, school, or board to participate in these programs.

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