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The Tiny Town Association is building a model tiny home, the Logan36 and planning to take it on Tour. The Tour will bring the tiny home to cities across Southern Ontario, where open-house exhibits will be available to various city departments, schools, social housing agencies, businesses, the public, and the media. We will offer seminars and Q&A periods that will provide key information about tiny homes and our Pocket Community initiatives.

During the Tour, the 24Pillars team will sell virtual tours for the exhibited Logan36 model. The downloads will be available for just $5 each and customers purchasing a download will automatically be entered in a draw to win the Logan36 after the Tour. The winner will be randomly drawn at the end of the tour and the Logan36 will be delivered, along with much media coverage to the winner.

Expand Awareness

When you buy a Logan36 Virtual Tour, your purchase supports the programs we run in various cities. We fund the following programs in high schools, colleges, and universities.

    • design,
    • development,
    • construction,
    • social housing support.

The Design Challenge encourages students to create new home designs, the development programs expand the affordable housing options in their city, and the construction programs teach tiny home building skills while providing homes for the homeless in the social housing support stream.

No Purchase Required

There is no purchase required to enter the draw. To receive a code for an entry ballot, simply complete the contest entry form (here) and send it along with a self-addressed stamped envelop to:

Logan Virtual Tours
Note: we will post the mailing address once the Give-a-way is in progress.

Ensure that you have printed, completed and enclosed the draw code request form. We will send you a code for one ballot. Note only 1-code will be returned per request.

Note that a skill-testing question must be answered correctly to win the tiny home.

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