The 24Pillars project is about working with communities to implement a longterm strategy to address affordable housing and homelessness. While the two issues are often thought of as separate, there are those that believe a lack of affordable housing options has resulted in some people becoming homeless. We are not debating the why of homeless or the reasons for the lack of affordable housing, we want to focus on implementing a plan to solve both issues.

By creating places where tiny homeowners can live, and by providing social agencies with housing, we feel we can have an impact.

We are looking for organizations that want to partner with us, to become the pillars supporting change, and help us take action to fix these issues.

Community Pillars

Pillar Sponsors

The following groups and organizations support the 24Pillars initiative in their city. Their sponsorship and ongoing support helps us provide the programs that are impacting affordable housing and homelessness in their city.

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