We help schools build awareness while teaching skills.

Schools registered in the 24Pillars programs are actively addressing the issues of affordable housing and homelessness in their city. Through sponsored programs that reward creativity, teach development and building skills, students are making a difference.

These programs are free, so if your school isn't accessing these programs, what are you waiting for?

Our programs are available free to schools, funded by local sponsors and 24Pillars.

The programs currently available are based on the tiny home support in a city, along with the Class level that the city sponsor has elected to support.

Frequently Asked Questions

If our city isn't sponsored, what can we do?

The most likely reason your city isn't sponsored, is simply that we haven't asked anyone yet. You can be proactive and ask your local economic development corporation, downtown business association, city housing program, or business group to sponsor your city. 

The 24Pillars programs help everyone, so getting your city involved makes sense on so many levels. Students, teachers, and faculty shouldn't wait for this to happen, you can make it happen.

How do I find out which programs are available in my city?

If you look at the Community Pillar page, you can find the group that has sponsored your community. Their listing will identify your Community's Class and from there you can match the Programs listed above.

Can we access Programs beyond our Class rating?

There are just 2 reasons why a Program is not available in your Community. Either your Sponsor has not elected to support the Class level required or most probably your city does not provide the level of tiny home support required to allow the Program. You can check with your Community Sponsor to see if additional Program support is available and if they have accessed all available, you should contact your city about increasing support for tiny home living.

Does it cost the school or board anything to participate?

24Pillars and your Sponsor provide the contacts, tools, equipment, and materials for the Programs. Your school provides space and the teacher. This is a community initiative and requires that each participant brings something to the table, to enable us to create change. What is done in your community, is for the benefit of your community and we want to be a facilitator for change.

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