Our mandate is to stimulate ideas, support new environmental concepts, expand affordable housing options and make homelessness, just a memory.

Turn Thoughts Into Things

We are eager to see what ideas and concepts the next generation brings. Our world continues to evolve and we want to support the new instruments of change.

Our Tiny Home Design Challenge was created to stimulate change by acknowledging creative thinkers. We provide grants and accolades to the students that think outside the box, and winners can see their designs come to life.

The best designs advance through 3-levels of selection.

Making Space for Tiny Homes

The Develop Program has students planning, arranging permits and preparing the site for a tiny homeowner.

Working with property owners, students design the site, arrange the permits, coordinate trades and build the compete site for a tiny home so that it is move-in ready.

From Concept to Tiny Home

Not only do students get Grant rewards for winning designs, but they also get to see their designs come to life!

Our Build Program takes the winning designs selected the previous year and uses them to build the tiny homes in the program this year.

Making Social Change

The ARTO Program has students learning that some people in their city cannot afford a place to live.

Working with local social housing agencies, students learn how the homes they are designing, building and the sites they construct can help people find an affordable home.

The ARTO Program helps those people that can't afford a home, become tiny homeowners through community service.

How does it work?

Our programs cover all stages from concept to occupation, providing students with hands-on experience every step of the way. Over a 2-year period, students can see their ideas become reality.

1. Analyse Design

Review the past design/construction notes.

4. Concept Build

Selected new plans will be constructed.

2. Better Ideas

What can be done better in design and construction?

3. Plan Design

Apply the concepts to make a new set of SketchUp plans.

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